Dental care Kreideweiss

final project in product design

  • development of a brand concept for a dental care series
  • Corporate design (logo, typography, colours, illustrations, materials)
  • design of packaging, travel pack, advertisement poster


KREIDEWEISS is a dental care series for cool, curious kids who sometimes have to be a little persuaded to brush their teeth. Because many children are enthused by dinosaurs this issue will be no problem anymore with KREIDEWEISS products. Each of our dental care products is embodied and presented by one specific dinosaur, and the kids can learn about the dino itself when they examine the toothpaste tube carefully while brushing their teeth.

The name „Kreideweiss“ (German for „chalky white“) not only illustrates that our care products make teeth as white as chalk, but also gives a line on the geologic era Cretaceous (German: Kreide) in which all of our saurian representatives were living.

The dental enamel is the hardest material of our body, which wasn’t different for dinosaurs. In those days they had to sustain far more than our teeth today. They had to masticate raw meat, bones and tendons or grind fibrous leaves and branches. Despite wind and water, you can still find many well-preserved saurian teeth in excavations. Doesn’t every parent and dentist wish their children such strong teeth? KREIDEWEISS provides kids with the exactly appropriate compounds for their oral hygiene and a strong bite like the one of a dinosaur.

All products of KREIDEWEISS are, depending on their features, divided into three categories: Carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. According to the categories, a representative of the group embodies a particular product. Example: Gallimimus is an omnivore and has no teeth, but takes care of its mouth with a refreshing mouth rinse.

Our products contain natural extracts of plants that already existed during the time of the dinosaurs.