Do you know TOKYOmaniacs? Denny’s blog “Tokyo, der Moloch und ich” has long been known in German-speaking countries. About three months ago, Denny wrote an article about his job search experience in Japan. Then I also wanted to put in my two pennies worth and we met for a video interview in Tokyo (to be exact: Toshima no Mori in Ikebukuro – a real insider tip).

While this may not be the first time I have been facing a camera, it is a big step for me, as an introvert, to shed my shyness even more and actively go out into the public eye. Because although I have never liked to be presented everywhere on the Internet, I have learned that as a self-employed and personal brand, you should be able to reach out everywhere, make contacts and become known. And to be honest, I have now also enjoyed sharing my experience and expertise with others (otherwise this blog would not exist).

Cut the comfort zone!

Take a look at the video here or on YouTube

Interview with Denny Sachs

So how did I get to Japan? As I mentioned in the video, in 2016 I took part in the “Hallo Japan” programme of the German-Japanese Youth Society and since then Japan has become an integral part of my life. Many things happened and I applied for internships first at Feiler and then Feiler Japan, was accepted and got a lot of interesting insights there. Since it has long been my wish to do a working holiday year in Japan after my graduation, I have just initiated this and now work as a freelance designer and illustrator in Sendai. My plan is to move to Tokyo in half a year and continue the adventure in the megacity.