About me

Lena Hexe Foto
Hello! Nice to meet you. If I may introduce myself briefly:

I am Lena Fritzsche, product and graphic designer and illustrator. I work in illustration, textile design, packaging design and product design.
In addition, I live as a creative “sorcerer’s apprentice” since the summer of 2018 in Japan to get to know new spells and techniques. With pen and paper, tablet and computer, I cast my ideas into the real world and make them visible to human eyes. My ambition is to become a “witch’s mistress” (Shokunin) and share my knowledge with others. I love doing things myself. Often I think, when I see brilliant products and great illustrations: Hey, I can do that myself and bring in my own ideas! So, a huge supply of ideas and materials accumulates, which unfortunately I can not implement all. Sometimes I think that I have so many ideas that I could give every person one as a present. I often hear phrases like “I’m not creative.” Or “I do not have a talent for that.” Which I think is a great pity. That’s why I want to encourage you to be creative and to try out things yourself. You can find many tutorials and suggestions in my “Storys from the witch’s cottage” and in my emails when you sign up HERE as my pen pal. Do you know why I think it’s great to do something on my own? It’s a fantastic feeling to be able to say, “I did that myself.” For many, that’s bordering on magic. In fact, it’s a kind of magic – but not one you cannot learn. In addition, you can often save money and also do the environment and our whole planet something good: No long transport routes and unnecessary packaging waste and the choice of materials you decide yourself.
At the same time, I’m a full-time designer and I influence consumer behaviour and the market with my work. That’s why I particularly enjoy working with companies that value the sustainability of their products and their manufacture. What else am I doing? I learn Japanese, watch Youtube videos about gardening, get lost on enchanted paths and read novels.

If you like to learn more please send a message here. I would love to hear and read from you!