Sir Gardiner bicycle tours

final project in product design

  • development of a brand concept for a business with the topic “bicycle”
  • corporate design (Logo, typography, colours, use of pictures, materials)
  • design of business equipment, panniers, drinking bottle, picnic dishes



A sunny day, a group of Ladies and Gentlemen (and those who want to be), a picturesque landscape and a lot of tea, coffee and nibbles packed – utterly appealing for everyone who appreciates classy amusement, company and movement in the open air. Sir Gardiner Ltd. ensures that you feel comfortable all around on your bicycle picnic tour.

We organise day trips for group tours by bicycle, at which you can chat comfortably and take culinary breaks. On our website or in our offices, you can enrol as an individual or group, pick your favoured bicycle and design, and specify what you want to eat and drink. We will arrange everything else.

Our wide product range offers everything you will need for a bicycle picnic tour: bags, boxes, bottles, dishes, cutlery, and much more. You can buy or rent our products.