Let’s make the world a bit more beautiful together!

I am your contact in all graphic design issues – for long-term cooperation.
This includes: illustration, product, textile, packaging, print media and corporate design, as well as marketing support.

In a free briefing, you tell me about your project and your wishes. If you don’t have a clear conception yet, I’ll be happy to help you find creative ideas. Based on this conversation, I will make you an estimate. If you agree, we’re ready to go! HEX HEX.

Hexe illustration

In my witches’ kitchen, I create unique recipes for each project which are composed of several different ingredients: drawings, paintings, typography, prints, vector graphics, patterns, photography, shapes and colours are utilized in diverse proportions as components of a recipe. The secret ingredient is tamashii: it breathes life into the product.

Step by step the ingredients are processed. To prevent it from boiling up you need some tools: creativity, sense of aesthetics, light hands, experience and curiosity.