Food truck Omis Ofen

final project in product design

  • development of a brand concept for a food truck
  • corporate design (Logo, typography, colours, illustrations)
  • design of packaging, menu card, food truck


A belly full of love – that’s what our customers feel soon after the first bites of Omi’s sweet pastries. OMIS OFEN (German for: granny’s stove) is a four-wheeled confectionary which drives from place to place to give the feeling of caring and warmness back to all those who may have forgotten in our cold, modern world a long time ago.

In our coffee shop in Kekshausen and our mobile buffet car we exclusively use German cake and biscuit recipes like in granny’s days. Additionally, our guests can enjoy aromatic tea and coffee. We offer a big assortment of cakes. Especially popular are: mole pie, Black Forest gateau, cheesecake, bee sting cake, crumble cake, Linzer tart, lemon cake, poppy-seed cake, Sacher torte, Christmas stollen, ring-shaped cake … and not forgetting Omi’s marvellous butter biscuits.

So you could have some difficulties to decide. To not become spoilt for choice you can very easily combine our food: For every cake recipe, there is an equivalent cream which reflects the remarkable taste of each cake in a refreshing way. The cream is the icing on the cake – but you can also use it as a dip for biscuits – cheesecake on Christmas stollen? No problem!

Picking out our ingredients, we pay much attention to fair trade. You can’t taste love when there is none inside! Furthermore, the environment and the future of our children and grandchildren lie close to our hearts. That’s why we buy only from organic, and if possible local, farming.