The time has come: We have the year 2019, the year of the boar – time to go hog wild! Of course, that’s all meant positively, because the year 2019 will just be marvellous!

I’ve finished 2018 by writing on two A4 pages my successes and “failures” (I use “” because failure is not the opposite of success and often contributes to success) and what I’ve learned from each one. In fact, I could have written far more on the successes, but it just was not enough space. It can already be seen that 2018 has been a very successful year for me. In 2016 and 2017, I thought: “Wow, what an extreme year!”, But 2018 has topped the whole thing. So incredibly many contrasty things happened, I have done and learned so much, that I am a bit surprised that everything has fit in one year.

The last third of the year was pretty calm compared to the first two. I left Germany, moved into my apartment in Japan and started my freelance work. The fact that I would come to rest here after a very stressful time and completely focus on myself, my work and my life was certainly a reason why I have learned and changed the most in that time.
In August, as in the two years before, I attended the German-Japanese Youth Summit where I met Marty, my business buddy, coach and a good friend. Almost daily we talk about building our company, our positioning and about life. And I would advise anyone to look for a buddy with whom to grow together.

Since a lot has happened privately as well, this is a lesson I have learned: pressure and lack of freedom are bad for our well-being and human relations. By this, I mean pressure, which you feel yourself and the one you exerts on others.
In addition, “understanding” only ever gains the consolation prize, in other words: while it may be nice if someone shows understanding for your problems and opinions, it does not protect you from working on yourself and solving your problems, if you are dissatisfied. Nobody will do it for you and that’s a good thing, because that’s how we can grow. So why whining?

For 2019 I have a lot in mind. My dreams and wishes become plans and goals. In January, I’ll start creating my first digital products: watercolour painting instructions. I’m looking forward to it and I’m curious how they will appeal to you.