100% back to earth

Editorial Design of a concept catalogue

  • Conceptualisation and editorial design: research and compilation of content, typography, colours, layout, choosing suitable graphics and photographs
  • Product drawings, handmade prints for details
  • Use of prints by Hirisha Mehta
  • Japanese binding, print on grass paper, folder




100% back to earth is an upcoming startup which will develop a lifestyle brand for sustainable products and packaging which are fully compostable, following the “Cradle to Cradle” design principle.

We want to create awareness of people’s consumption and offering high-quality alternatives. We don’t want people to abstain from everything, but to choose well between a wide range of products. We will follow the concept of cradle-to-cradle, which means that all of our products and packaging will be bio-degradable. You don’t have to worry about what happens to a product after you disposed of it: it will go 100% back to earth. We are designers, so our task is to design attractive goods which people will love to use. We don’t want customers to only buy them, but to actually USE them many times. Our products are not dedicated to serving as decoration or art, but to replace non-eco friendly goods of your everyday life. Our customers will experience luxury on a daily basis and simultaneously feel as heroes because they know that they are making a difference with their behaviour.

Our products will be developed and produced in collaborative work with Japanese craftsmen. Japan is a country that puts a lot of effort into preserving traditions. We love crafts, so we are keen on supporting this by the inclusion of crafts and traditional material, combining trusted methods with new solutions.

As other countries are already exporting their solutions on environmental issues they will start to fill this gap in the Japanese market sooner or later, if Japanese companies don’t offer goods themselves. We want to be faster than them, work with local people, and doing so, strengthen the Japanese economy and communities.